Airport In Cloud

A cost-effective suite of cloud-based tools designed to give airport operators both the functionality they need and the flexibility they want.

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An airport can only run as smoothly as its software. For small and medium-sized operators, that can lead to a difficult choice: either paying out for an overly complex system they don’t really need or integrating a variety of independent, task-specific programs that require time and effort to manage.

Now, in these difficult times for the aviation sector, there is a new choice.

Airport In Cloud is a modular, cloud-based IT solution developed by A-ICE, the experts in aviation IT. It provides small and medium-sized airport operators with an accessible, efficient and cost-effective route to implementing a compliant software stack for smooth-running airport operations.

Already in use at busy European aviation hubs, Airport In Cloud is based on a selection of core components that come together as a suite of cloud-hosted applications. Clients can deploy the full suite for an end-to-end airport management solution or simply pick and choose the applications to suit their circumstances.

Because it is offered on a pay-per-use basis, costs for Airport In Cloud are directly related to a client’s level of activity. And because it is a Software as a Service (SaaS), an internet connection is all that’s needed to get started.


  • Airport Operational Database
  • Flight scheduling
  • Departure control system
  • Weight and balance system
  • Flight information display system
  • Multimedia information system
  • Security check point
  • Ground handling turnaround management system
  • Contract management and billing
  • Baggage reconciliation
  • First Bag – Last Bag delivery
  • Message Distribution System
  • Business Intelligence and reporting